About us

The periodical “Religious and Sacred Poetry: An International Quarterly of Religion, Culture and Education” (“Poezja Religijna i Sakralna : Międzynarodowy Kwartalnik Religii, Kultury i Wychowania”) is a new periodical founded in 2012, well rooted in Latin/Greek civilization and Christian tradition, owing to its scope and the choice of its members a consciousness of the Christian foundation of the European cultures. The aim of the periodical is to spread and raise awareness to the results of scholarly research, led in various university centers (primarily European), upon Christian religious poetry in the religious (theological), cultural, pedagogical, literary, artistic, linguistic, psychological and philosophical (anthropological, ethical, and aesthetic) contexts.

The international character of the periodical “Religious and Sacred Poetry: an International Quarterly of Religion, Culture and Education” is guaranteed not only by the international scholarly board, but also by the authors, who represent many nations and impart genuine and important scholarly insights through their precious texts. Our periodical is open for cooperation and collaboration with many universities. We care about the high level of competence and form of our periodical content, pay precise attention to the observance of scholarly procedures, and promote an interdisciplinary approach to the subjects considered. We also make attempts to diversify the contents of the periodical despite an apparently narrow specialization of subject. It is according to the spirit of international openness, and at the same time with respect to the idea of a Europe of sovereign countries, the Europe of complementary, unrepeated national cultures, the Europe of Latin and Greek civilizations, the Europe of Christian roots, from which we rise as national and cultural communities thanks to the Gospel transmitted for two thousand years. We also pay homage to the Tradition and rich heritage of the Church breathing with two lungs: eastern and western.

Our periodical in general is a permanent, international and interdisciplinary communal, a social European and independent research project devoted to religious and sacred poetry. The values presented in „Religious and Sacred Poetry” express the realized mission of the authors and editors. The mission of our common international enterprise, elaborated by many scholars and academic centers, is giving its readers a periodical that will introduce scholarly discoveries concerning Christian religious and sacred poetry into European and world circulation. There hasn’t existed a scholarly periodical of this nature and scope so far (at least there are no such periodicals existing in international European syllabi). The editorial team together with the authors will address this shortcoming by filling this research niche in humanistic sciences.

The periodical appears primarily in electronic form, available on the internet (open access), and is also available secondarily in paper form. We aim at achieving a high ranking for this periodical not only within the Polish evaluation system of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, but also at reaching a position on the list of the European Reference Index for Humanities (ERIH).


 Marek Mariusz Tytko

 (Translated by Sr Adelajda Sielepin CHR, Mark Simon Bonnet and Muir Alan Evenden)