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Marek Mariusz Tytko, M.A., Ph.D., a doctor of humanistic sciences in pedagogy (2007), doctoral dissertation: “Stefana Szumana koncepcja wychowania przez sztukę” [“Stephan Szuman’s concept of educating through art”], concerning education through fine literature (Kraków 2006); a graduate of three Faculties: 1) Philosophical and Historical, 2) Philological and 3) Philosophical at the Jagiellonian University, a historian of art, pedagogue, informatiologue – at the Jagiellonian University (since 1991), now an academic teacher, earlier a scholar and teacher in the Institute of Polish Philology in the Higher School of Pedagogy in Cracow (1997-1998), multidisciplinary fields of research (pedagogy, philosophy, literary studies, history of culture, history of art and literature, scholarly information and library studies), rich private experience: writing poetry, practical animation of literary, artistic and religious culture, a Roman catholic open for patriotic, Christian, family, national values of European cultures.

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(Translated by Sr Adelajda Sielepin CHR, Mark Simon Bonnet and Muir Alan Evenden)