History of the periodical


The initiative for creating a scholarly periodical which would combine the studies of literature, culture, theology and pedagogy as well as the other related humanistic branches, began in 2010 by the founder of the periodical Dr Mark Mariusz Tytko, a pedagogue and a historian of art from Jagiellonian University. The idea had the support of a retired professor of the University, Bogusław Żurakowski, a pedagogue and specialist of literature and cultural sciences, who has become the head of the international scholarly board. The periodical “Religious and Sacred Poetry: An International Quarterly of Religion, Culture and Education” first came into existence on May 3rd 2012 in Cracow. On the first editorial board, apart from these two scholars just mentioned, there are the following members: from Poland prof. UKSW Dr hab. Wojciech Feliks Kudyba (literature studies), prof. UJ Dr hab. Maciej Jan Urbanowski (literature studies), prof. KUL Dr hab. Piotr Juliusz Jaroszyński (philosophy of culture, a representative of the Lublin Philosophical School), prof. UMCS Dr hab. Anna Marta Żukowska (a pedagogue and a specialist in the history of artistic education), prof. UŚ Dr hab. Urszula Jolanta Szuścik (a psychologist of creativity), sr prof. UPJPII Dr hab. Adelajda Sielepin CHR (liturgical theology), rev. p. Dr hab. Roman Bogacz (biblical theology), prof. AGH Dr hab. Adam Michał Nodzeński (statistics), Dr Barbara Krystyna Niemiec (linguistics and pedagogy), from the Czech Republic doc. Dr hab. Libor Martinek (a translator, literary studies), from Slovakia doc. Dr Marián Andričík (a translator, literary studies), Dr Ivica Hajdučeková (literary studies), from Ukraine prof. Dr hab. Svitlana Ivanivna Krawchenko (literary studies), from Belorussia doc. Dr Eugeniusz Arkadejowicz Pańków (literary studies) and doc. Dr Olga Eugenijewna Pańkowa (literary studies). We are open for additional scholarly cooperation on the editorial team and it may grow as needed with new specialists (the list of the editors is not closed).

The founding of the periodical has been an answer by international scholars to the contemporary crisis in humanistic writing. The founding principles of the periodical say that this periodical is meant to be an international scholarly quarterly having its contents coherent with the Magisterium of the Roman-Catholic Church. From the very beginning of the periodical its focus is typically interdisciplinary, keeping balance between philology, pedagogy, psychology, cultural studies, theology and philosophy. The post of editor in chief has been filled by Dr Mark Marius Tytko in May 2012.

The periodical, though it has risen from the university in Cracow, is not exclusively connected with one university but has embraced from the beginning various academic communities from many countries in Europe, and in this sense it is an international work by numerous scholars for presenting the results of research done mainly in the middle European academic centers (Middle/Central Europe) in several humanistic areas. The subject range expressed in the title indicates the profile of the periodical.

Since the birth of the periodical we have established a professional internet portal in several languages: Polish, English, Russian, Bielorussian, Czech, Slovakian and Ukrainian (other languages are not excluded, we are open for cooperation in the future). The professional electronic version of the periodical is edited in a way such that the national (language specific) web pages on our internet portal refer to the same contents of the periodical, which can be found in PDF, available anywhere in the world.


 Marek Mariusz Tytko

(Translated by Sr Adelajda Sielepin CHR, Mark Simon Bonnet and Muir Alan Evenden)