English version

The periodical “Religious and Sacred Poetry: An International Quarterly of Religion, Culture and Education” once a year (beginning in 2014) will issue a separate English volume of the periodical. It will include articles and reviews in English and summaries published in volumes of each previous year and will be considered by the editorial board as representative. The goal of a special English edition is the desire to present the contents of the periodical to foreign readers, including those scholars from English speaking countries. We are ready to cooperate with the authors of English speaking regions on preparing a special volume in English and devote it not only to Christian Slavonic poetry or poetry in the Bible, but also to religious English poetry (e.g. metaphysical or spiritual). In this case the contents of each English volume depends very much on the participation of the English speaking authors, philologians, specialists in religious literature and scholars of many other disciplines, who would like to reach English speaking readers on several continents.


 Marek Mariusz Tytko

 (Translated by Sr Adelajda Sielepin CHR, Mark Simon Bonnet and Muir Alan Evenden)