The list of reviewers

According to the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education concerning evaluated scholarly periodicals, we are displaying the complete list of the reviewers of all volumes of the “Religious and Sacred Poetry: an International Quarterly of Religion, Culture and Education” separately for each past calendar year. However, we do not specify by whom the review has been done.

The requirements for reviewers can be found on the website of the Polish Ministry of Science and the Universities / Higher Education.;jsessionid=B6DE839F87175310409C83F6FC98EF93

The registry of the reviewers is given in alphabetic order, and contains:

A title, scholarly grade, name(s) and surname, name of the university (academic institute), place, country

The registry of reviewers

The list of reviewers for the year 2013:

Here you can view files in pdf (PDF) containing the registry of reviewers for the following calendar years.

[PDF file – Reviewers for 2013]

[pdf file – Reviewers for 2014]


Marek Mariusz Tytko

(Translated by Sr Adelajda Sielepin CHR, Mark Simon Bonnet and Muir Alan Evenden)